More Program—Less Hassle

Extended Day is a program option designed for parents who have to work hours outside the normal day camp hours. Rather than make additional child care arrangements or force supervision onto the pack leadership, let the well trained Belzer Staff supervise your kids with hours of extra program content.

The cost for extended day is $30 per boy and is NOT included in the standard camp fees. Extended day lasts Monday-Thursday for participants in the cub/community programs and Monday-Friday for those enrolled in Dan Beard/Baden Powell. During their time in extended day, the boys will continue to participate in various activities around camp. Belzer has so much to offer and so little time to squeeze it all in, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Extended day lasts until 5:30pm each day. Parents picking their child up must arrive by this time for pickup. They must be ready with a photo ID, and be listed on the child's health form as a person allowed for pickup. Any children who are not picked up by the deadline will be charged a late fee directly proportional to how late he/she stayed at camp.