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A Day for the Family

Families are always welcome to come during the day at Camp Belzer, but if you have to pick a day,Friday is the best! Think of it as the last big party before the week is over, nearly all of camp is open and it is up to you as a family to decided which area you would like to visit. This will be your chance to snap a photo of your child going down a zipline or shooting a BB gun.

Friday starts early afternoon and program is operated up until dinner time. Please plan to arrive by 12:30 and program will offically start at 1:00. Various activites will be opening and closing throughout the day so please make sure you have a Friday iterary with you. The pool is open all day, but you can only go at certain times of day so please be mindful. The activites will conclude at 6:00 as we transition into the family picnic hour.

Packs and families can participate in the picnic in may ways. Some packs have pitch-ins, others order pizzas. If your pack is not doing somthing together, please consider purchasing a Firecrafter Dinner (reservations found here and need to be turned in by Thursday morning) Dinner will last until 7:30, during which you must eat your food and setup your tent if you are staying on the overnight experience.

Starting at 7:30 EVERYONE needs to gather at the campfire arena for the Grand Finale! Your sons/daughters will be singing songs, awards handed out, and a skit put on on by the staff. This is not something you will want to miss. Immediately following the campfire program, we will split people into groups whom have signed up for the overnighter. Your group will go through a 3 area rotation consisting of a night swim, BBs & Archery, and stories with smores. Making it a night to remember!

Most importantly, remember that Belzer is a family camp. Everyone is allowed to come out and enjoy the clean air and a mazing program. Invite whoever you want on Friday!