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The safest camp in Indiana

Belzer prides ourself on taking extra measure in every situation to provide the safest, and most enjoyable program expereince. Most of our staff have been trained in CPR & First-aid, and we have a full time health officer on staff. While accidents do happen, we are fully prepared to deal with any situation
We require a Class 2 Health form for everyone who is in camp. Whether you are a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Tag-a-long, parent, our community member, it is required by our camp standards. The health form includes a brief health history, shot record, copy of insurance card, and a parent signature. We do NOT require a doctor signed physcial because you will not be staying in camp for more thasn 72 hours.
For any major medical concern or need related to someone attending camp, we want you to inform us at least one week ahead of time. This will allow us to make appropriate preparations prior to your week attending camp. Specific details are listed to the right.

Common Needs

Our camp staff is well suited to handleing many of the most common special needs of our campers. For physical needs, we have transportation available throughout camp, wheel chair ramps, and alternate activities. For children needing social support, we have several staff with years of experience to help them have a positive time at camp.
For children with food allergies, it is recommened for the parents to check the menu for the lunches, as well as the products offered at our Trading Post. If nessissary please send these children with their own lunch each day and/or with supplimental snacks.
Download Full List of Ingredients of our Lunches
Indiana law requires all medications be turned in to the Health Officer so the camp can control and dispense them. The medication should be in it original container, which should indicate the child's name, unit number, phone number, and the instructions as how to administer the dosage.
Our Camp has very specific emergency procedures which are explained to the leaders on the very first day of camp. These situations include What needs to be done in the event of severe weather, extreme heat, or serious injury. The staff is well trainned to handel whatever situation may arise.