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Snacks and Souvenirs Here!

Don't forget the Trading Post! is a common phrase used at Belzer. We have stocked our camp store with a wide array of items to serve many purposes. Wether you are wanting a souvenir or a sugar rush, it is bound to have what you need.

Our Trading Post is open everyday Monday-Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm. Your schedule is setup to include a couple brief program breaks throughout the week so be sure to visit during those times and, of course, get a nice ice cream to compliment your lunch!

We do our very best to stock a fair balance of healthy snacks and sweets so please encourage your children to spend their money wisely. Most parents send their kids to camp with a few dollars and enough to purchase a t-shirt.

What We Sell

products & prices subject to change

Cub Scout Pencil ($0.50)
Arrow Head Necklass ($1.00)
Day Camp Patch ($1.50)
Belzer Frisbee ($2.00)
Belzer Sunglasses ($3.00)
Belzer Football ($3.00)
Flashlight ($4.00)
Belzer Beast Bag ($4.00)
Belzer Tumbler ($5.00)
Rabbit Furs ($5.00)
Belzer Song Book ($7.00)
Day Camp T-Shirt ($10.00-$12.00)
Belzer Beast T-Shirt ($12.00)
Camp Mom/Dad T-Shirts ($12.00)
Belzer Beast Hat ($15.00)
Camp Belzer Hat ($15.00)
Smarties ($0.05)
Mini Burgers/Hot Hogs ($0.10)
Air Head Mystery ($0.25)
Fun Dip ($0.25)
Mike & Ikes ($0.25)
Ring Pops ($0.50)
Air Head Xtremes ($1.00)
Nerd's Rope ($1.00)
Choclate M&M's ($1.00)
Skittles ($1.00)
Milky Way ($1.00)
Kit-Kat ($1.00)
Reese Cup ($1.00)
3 Musketeers ($1.00)
Sour Spray ($1.50)
Bomb Pop Jr. Cherry ($0.50)
Bomb Pop Jr. Sour Power ($0.10)
Rainbow Pushup ($1.00)
Giant Vanila Sandwich ($1.50)
King Cone ($1.50)
Oreo Ice Cream Bar ($2.00)
Reese Peanut Butter Bar ($2.00)
Choco Taco($2.00)
King Size Bunny Track Cone ($3.00)
Slim Jim ($0.25)
String Cheese ($0.50)
Planter's Peanuts ($0.50)
Combos ($1.00)
Oreos ($1.00)
Variety Pack Nuts ($1.00)
Apple Sauce ($1.00)
Bottled Water ($1.00)
Lunchables ($2.00)
Our most popular candy at Camp Belzer is a spray candy commonly called "sour spray" This item is always a HUGE hit among our campers, so much that it often drives volunteers mad. The nice thing about this candy is that it is sugar free and is made with all natural ingredients like fruit juice and citrus. Odd how our most popular thing is also one of the most healthy things!