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Frequently Asked Questions

If we are unable to answer your questions below, or if you have any hesitations, please contact us at (317) 546-6031. We want to do whatever we can to earn your trust and ensure that your child does not miss out on the life changing experience of camp.

Camp Belzer operates year-round and serves youth of all ages with dedicated professionals of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

During the summer, Camp Belzer is focused on providing safe, age-appropriate activities for our youngest Cub Scouts. With a combined total of over 60 years of youth development and camp experience, our summertime camp leadership team is prepared to look after your child. All members of our camp leadership team are trained at National BSA Camping School. Camp Belzer’s leadership team also increases during the summer to included professional educators that care for and teach our communities youth during the school year.

Your son or daughter will do all sorts of fun, age-appropriate activities, including archery, swimming, hiking, STEM activities, and making new friends.

You should know that while we do all sorts of events at Camp Belzer the activities are not the most important part. The most important part is that your child will be able to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment, surrounded by well-trained staff. Sometimes that means your child will be uncomfortable meeting a new friend or trying a new activity.

It is through camp that your child will grow and learn how to face new challenges on their own.

Even during day camp children get homesick. When this happens, all our staff are trained in working with homesick youth and will be there to support them. When needed, our leadership team and medical team have further training and years of experience.

In our years of service, we have found it’s best to not let your homesick child call home. While this might seem counter-intuitive, it is the right thing to do. In general, the best thing for a homesick camper is not to call home but to get the camper busy doing fun activities. A camper that calls home almost always goes home, and we do not want your son or daughter to miss out on the life-changing experience camp can offer.

Rest assured that in severe cases, we will call and consult you about your child.

Camp Belzer is lucky to be an Indiana Department of Education Summer Food Program Site operated by MSD of Lawrence Township. This USDA program allows MSD of Lawrence Township to provide lunch to all youth participants for free. Youth participants will be receiving USDA-approved lunches similar to those served throughout the school year.

During morning check-in, or at the office, adults can purchase this same meal for $4. Should you not be satisfied with the provided food, or elect to not participate, campers are welcome to pack their own lunch. Many parents choose to pack snacks to eat before and after lunch throughout the day.

Unfortunately, as lunch is provided by a third-party provider, we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions. We recommend packing a lunch for those who have dietary restrictions.

Should you need to contact your child, please call the camp office at (317) 546-6031.

Generally, this phone is answer Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. However, during our busy times, such as peak arrival and departure, answers may be delayed.

Camp Belzer employs a qualified and dedicated Health Officer who is on-duty and on-property during all program times. The Health Lodge is already prepared for routine medical needs, including dispensing medications.

Camp Belzer has golf carts available for participants who have mobility issues. If there are additional special needs, please call us at (317) 546-6031 to determine if we can host your child.

Camp Belzer employs a qualified and dedicated Health Officer who is on-duty and on-property during all program times. The Health Lodge is located in Downtown Belzer, near the Activity Center for routine medical needs.

While we strive to prevent all accidents, we recognize that injuries will occur, and our staff is trained and equipped to responded. Most injuries are simple scrapes and bruises and are cared for in the program areas by the trained program staff. However, sometimes they need a bit more care and are treated in our Health Lodge. You will be notified if this happens.

If an emergency occurs, please know that we are prepared. In addition to our Health Officer, our staff is trained in first aid, CPR and our Camp Ranger is an EMT. If necessary, two trained staff members will accompany your child to a nearby medical facility. When possible, the Camp Director will make every effort to contact you before transporting your child; though, we will not delay care when immediate care is warranted.

Indiana summer weather can be very accommodating to day camp or very unaccommodating. The leadership team always tracks the weather so they are aware of incoming dangers—be that storms, rain, or high temperatures. Some programs can continue as normal during rain while others cannot. Your child should be prepared to continue during rain.

In the cases of severe rain, we will close programs and move activities indoors as appropriate. In cases of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes all participants and staff will be sheltered in strategically per-approved safe locations. In the case of severe heat, we activate our water drinking program which requires participants to drink water before, during, and after each activity. Depending on the heat indexes we may cancel or move activities indoors.

We will take all necessary actions to ensure the safety of your child during severe weather.

Camp Belzer is a BSA Nationally Accredited Camp with yearly inspections.

Camp Belzer has always prioritized safety and has an incredible safety record. The highly trained staff is prepared to handle all situations that may arise.